​News broke on Tuesday that the NCAA is stripping Louisville ​down from college basketball immortality.

An investigation found that there had been some ​​scandalous behavior going on at Louisville in years past and the NCAA was not having it. 

Yes, the team was in the wrong, but the NCAA as a whole has taken a lot of heat for the never-ending debate as to why they don't pay their athletes when the organization rakes in billions every year. Not to mention, all of these scandals have been happening under THEIR watch.

Another former NCAA athlete, Kyle Kuzma, has come out to give his opinions on the matter...in one of the more savage ways you'll ever see. Don't mess with the Lakers rookie!

We've seen a number of athletes speak out against the NCAA, and Kuz is the latest to join the party.

Kuzma has never been one to hold back when he gets the chance to express himself, and his teammates know this firsthand. One guy that Kuzma seems to target in good fun is fellow rookie Lonzo Ball. 

He's doesn't hesitate to say things as he sees them, and in this case, the NCAA experienced his wrath.

He's not the first to talk about the subject of paying NCAA athletes, and he certainly won't be the last.