​Something big is brewing in the Bronx. 

The New York Yankees have had themselves a pretty busy offseason already, acquiring Giancarlo Stanton in a blockbuster trade with the Marlins and adding a few more minor pieces in other moves as well. 

But how comfortable are they going with untested kids at second and third base, potentially? Wonder no more; they just got a pretty big insurance policy for Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres.

According to initial reports, the Yankees traded second baseman Nick Solak to the Tampa Bay Rays in a mysterious deal. 

Solak is considered by many as one of the Yankees top prospects, as he is ranked the team's No. 8 prospect by the MLB Pipeline. He's valued so much that the team even invited him to Spring Training with the big boys this year. 


But then, things spiraled. Arizona got involved, and dropped the Yanks a bat they've always coveted, while also receiving young RHP Taylor Widener.

In return, the Yanks are getting a solid second baseman, acquiring young infielder Brandon Drury in the deal. 

So Brandon Drury, property of Arizona, got it...how in the world is he getting to New York in this deal?

It's simple: the Rays are sending outfielder Steven Souza Jr. to Arizona in the process. 

​​Souza, a four-year vet with power-hitting potential, gets thrown into a crowded Diamondbacks outfield with the chance to earn some at-bats in Spring Training and stand out in the JD Martinez void.

So there you have it, a big three-team deal with some truly random forces being exchanged. But Drury's got a high OPS, and the Yanks have tried to acquire him all Winter long.

Even if the kids establish themselves in Spring, Drury will be a perfect utility man for these kids. Win-win-win. We love it.