​On Monday, Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper addressed the media and he ended up criticizing the offseason moves the Miami Marlins made after they tore down their roster.

"I was very shocked that [the Marlins] were going to let go of [Christian] Yelich, [Marcell] Ozuna and [Giancarlo] Stanton because they were one of the best outfields in the game, very shocked about that," Harper said. "You can’t say enough about what Stanton did last year, what Ozuna did last year and what Yelich has done the last couple of years. I thought they were a team that just had to add a couple more pitchers and they would have been pretty damn good.’"

That didn't sit well with Marlins manager Don Mattingly, and he fired back at the former MVP with some pretty blunt language.

"It’s not really his place to comment on us," Mattingly said. "He doesn’t really know what goes on over here. He may think he does, but he doesn’t know what’s going on over here, what the discussions are. He doesn’t know our players that we know.

"You respect that everybody gets an opinion on stuff, but there are certain things with me, take care of your own business, we’ll take care of ours."

​​Maybe Mattingly should've ignored it, but he's sticking behind his organization and the decisions they've made, even if everyone else is blasting Derek Jeter and Co.