With the MLB free agency period moving at a terribly slow pace, we started to see the momentum pick up with players like ​Yu Darvish​Eric Hosmer, and ​J.D. Martinez landing some big contracts.​

There are still some big-name free agents left out there, however. And one of the very best is an incredibly logical fit for the Chicago White Sox: slugging third baseman Mike Moustakas.

After hitting a franchise-record 39 home runs for the Kansas City Royals last year, it's surprising to see Moustakas still on the market. He's only 29 years old, and would be a significant contributor for any team looking for a corner infield power bat.

The White Sox are a team in need of a long-term solution a third, so they may jump at the opportunity to sign Moustakas now rather than wait around for the monster free agent class next year, which every team worth its salt will be going all-in for. But if they do decide to go after the big swinger, they'll have some competition, as the New York Yankees are reportedly interested in his services as well.

It would most likely be a one-year deal from the Yankees, however, and Moustakas likely prefers the security of a longer term deal as he enters his age 30 season.

It'll be interesting to see where he lands considering that any move by any team would have huge implications for next year's star-studded. free agent class. Keep an eye on Moose!