​The Jets maniacal chase for a high-quality quarterback will stop for nobody.

With Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum, and A.J. McCarron all hitting the open market, it seems like they know what they need most: a QB. Today, they made a roster move that will help them in that pursuit.

​​While there are a number of options on the market (and in the draft) for the Jets at the quarterback position, the real prize they're after is Cousins. 

According to SpoTrac, the Jets currently have 73.2 million dollars in cap space available. According to a report, the Jets could realistically offer a majority of that space to Cousins. Just how much?

​​Yes, you're reading that right. After the move today to clear space, it's clear that the Jets have the money to pay him. The real question is if Cousins will want to go to an organization as synonymous with failure as the New York Jets. 

At age 29 and not getting any younger, Cousins may look towards a roster more primed towards success. But who could turn down 60 million dollars?