​Right now, we're all waiting to see where No. 8 is going to sign. 

The afternoon soap opera that was the relationship between Kirk Cousins and the Redskins is soon to be officially over. But, what's next for the Pro Bowl QB?

Speculation hasn't stopped for weeks. Will it be the Browns, Broncos, Jets, Vikings, or will a surprise team come in out of nowhere? Well, if you ask D.J. Swearinger, he has a good feeling of where Cousins is headed. 

​​Is it time to get excited, Broncos fans?

Cousins going to Denver makes plenty of sense. The team John Elway has put together is outstanding, with the defense leading the way. 

However, that team has no true quarterback. They need Cousins. And in a way, he needs them. 

You think Cousins really wants to join the Jets? 

They're miles away from competing for a Super Bowl title. The Broncos, though? A title run could come as early as next winter.