​The next domino has fallen.

After the most stagnant free-agent market we've possibly ever seen, we've had some movement in recent weeks. The latest came out of Boston after the Red Sox reportedly inked slugger J.D. Martinez to a long-term contract.

We didn't know the details at first, but the news has slowly leaked, and it's a favorable deal for Boston.

That's not bad at all, considering Martinez and his agent, Scott Boras, were seeking $200 million at the beginning of the offseason. Now, he'll have an average annual salary of $21 million, which is more than reasonable for a slugger of Martinez's caliber.

However, the deal is reportedly front-loaded because the former Tiger and D-Back has an opt out clause after two years.

Either way, the Red Sox are getting what they wanted. They aren't committing long-term to an injury-prone player in his 30s; instead, they're paying a lot in the short term with hopes that he exceeds expectations, gets the Sox deep into the postseason, and opts out when the time comes.

That, of course, is the perfect scenario. The Sox will look like geniuses if they can win a World Series in this two-year window and save money immediately after.

That's the dream, but then again, this is the unpredictable world of Major League Baseball.