The Kirk Cousins sweepstakes is underway, and we're already seeing what cards certain teams may be holding. 

There are a number of teams going after Cousins, but that doesn't necessarily mean they all have a similar chance. Teams like the Jets may be all in on bringing in a franchise quarterback, but are at a disadvantage as they're nothing close to a contender. 

Cousins has already announced  who's leading the charge, but the Jets have a secret weapon that could propel them to the top of the list. 

Lots and lots of money.

New York is reportedly ready to pay whatever they need to in order to bring in the Pro Bowl QB.

​​Everyone hates on the Jets, but every man has his price. 

The Jets are considered by some to be one of the favorites due to the simple fact that they're willing to break the bank for someone who is clearly interested in money. 

The Jets aren't one QB away from becoming a contender like the Broncos and Vikings are, but that doesn't mean they're willing to shy away from the idea. 

If anything, their blind commitment to building around Cousins and not the rest of their roster is what gives them the edge in the first place. 

​​This is going to be the biggest part of bringing in Cousins. 

He's admitted he wants to take a contract that's equal to his worth in order to not screw other quarterbacks who will hit free agency after him. But if that huge deal from the Jets gets put in front of him, it'll be interesting to see if he turns it down in order to chase rings. 

The fork in the road is looming in the distance for Cousins. Will he chase the money, or Super Bowl titles?