​What you got planned for halftime, Steph?

Tight game, got to rally up the troops. Time for a big ol' patented loud Steph Curry speech?

Well, whatever Steph had to do, he finished up quick so he could scroll Twitter and mock Fergie for the National Anthem so gaffe-filled it had the players laughing on-court.

And he wasn't secret about it, either.

​​How come every time she come around these Tweets, these Tweets gotta go down?

That's it. Steph is basically now the Pablo Sandoval of the NBA, except he's using his likes for hilarity instead of mid-game booty surfing.

​To be fair, Steph's so corny I'm not sure he knows this is public. He was probably just dropping the heart so he could go back postgame and shoot this off to Dell, Ayesha, and Riley, like, "Y'all see this?"

But Steph, we all saw it, a few hours too early. Maybe your coaching should've included some rhythm and pitch advice so Fergie couldn't put a black eye(d Pea) on the All-Star Game.

To be fair, Fergie was awful, but she was also, like, the ​ninth most awful singer we saw tonight. Fair is fair, Steph. Go like some Tweets mocking Kevin Hart and Pharrell, too.