​It's not too soon to say Fergie's National Anthem rendition at the ​NBA All-Star Game was an all-time awful one.

It involved breaks at odd times, weird voice inflections and a lot of laughter from the crowd. When the crowd begins to laugh right after you hit your big note you know you did something wrong. 

The people in the crowd weren't the only ones laughing.

​Draymond Green couldn't hold back his signature smirk as Fergie botched the anthem. It's hard to blame him when Fergie has the whole world baffled as to the sounds being omitted from her microphone.

And yeah, every other NBA star went stone-faced or side-eyed, too.

These reactions are perfect. But who could blame them? She was basically out here doing an SNL sketch in real life.

The problem with big name singers for National Anthems will forever be that the song has been done so many times. Every big singer feels the need to leave their mark on the Anthem and make it their own.

There have been some incredible versions of the tune before games. Fergie will not be one of them. Just because it wasn't good doesn't mean it won't be remembered for a long time, though.

For being laughable enough to crack Draymond, that is.