​NBA ​All-Star weekend is getting set for its finale with the big game scheduled for Sunday night. 

Perhaps one of the best purposes that the weekend serves is the ability to have so many prominent players in one place to interview. 

Cleveland Cavaliers star ​Kevin Love was one of the players that talked to the media and he sounded off on the team's trade deadline activity. 

​​Love said that the moves were needed to get some new players into the locker room, something that probably directly benefits him the most. But he also sensed a different vibe from the new guys.

"I think first and foremost, seeing those (new) guys in Atlanta, they didn't play, but they got there right after the trade and they just said they want to win," Love told Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com. "You can tell when somebody says it, you can tell when somebody means it. They really meant it and it felt good to have that there."

The All-Star had been the center of controversy all year as reports came out that multiple teammates had issues with him. 

The most noted incident reportedly had to do with Dwyane Wade and Isaiah Thomas calling out Love for leaving a game and missing practice because he was sick. Since, those guys have been traded and locker room chemistry has reportedly improved.

Everything seems to be better in Cleveland now, and Love is probably much happier about it. Now, we just have to wait for him to return from his hand injury.