Before anyone completely scoffs at the idea of this possibility, remember that free-agent quarterback Kirk Cousins has been playing under a fully guaranteed contract for the past two seasons.

Of course, that was due to the Washington Redskins franchise tagging him, and yes, the contracts were only year-long ones at that. But, so is the wild nature of a QB market that only seems to get crazier as the years go on and the league continues to get more pass-happier than ever. 

According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, the  New York Jets are a team suspected to go the full length to guarantee Cousins' next contract. Insane, yes, since teams normally do not go as far as securing the first two years at most. 

Since Capt. Kirk will likely be looking at a five-to-six year contract, that's literally offering over $130 million dollars up front. Yikes. The Jets, who are desperate for a leader under center, may have no choice but to push the envelope.

The timing and trajectory of Cousin's scenario is unlike anything we have ever seen. 

He could wait until A.J. McCarron inevitably signs a ridiculous Mike Glennon-like contract after the backup won his arbitration case against the Bengals, and the football world inexplicably decided he was a starting-caliber QB. 

We're not saying he can't be, but he should at least provide a larger sample-size for teams to work with before GMs jump without a parachute with hopes to land in a bed full of Tempur-Pedic pillows. 

With he 29-year-old QB as close to a guarantee for success as teams will find on the market, once the other pieces fall, we can expect a record-breaking amount of guaranteed up-front money. 

That will be the only standout offer in a highly competitive pool of suitors who are heavily influenced by the previous market transactions of the quarterbacks signed before him.