The Miami Marlins have gone through a rough couple of months. However, it may appear to be heading down the wrong direction.

Doug Hanks of The Miami Herald reports that Miami-Dade County is suing the Marlins, former ownership group led by Jeffrey Loria, as well as the current ownership group. 

The lawsuit stems from a conflict in regards to the profits that the county would receive if the Marlins ever sold the team. Back in 2008, the Marlins reached an agreement in regards to the construction of Marlins Stadium, where the county funded the majority of the $515 million cost. 

In exchange, the county would receive five percent of all profits if Loria's ownership group ever sold the team within 10 years.

As Hanks stated in a previous report, Miami-Dade county never received that profit, with Loria's lawyers sending the municipality documents telling them to not expect any money from the $1.2 billion sale, as they claim they did not receive any profit. The county called it "fuzzy math."

Details are still murky as of this writing, as we are expected to learn more in the coming days in regards to the lawsuit, as well as the role current Marlins ownership will play in the litigation.