It has been a rough couple of months for Michigan State University. The Larry Nassar scandal shook East Lansing to its core, but the trouble doesn't end there. After a bombshell ESPN report revealed negligence by the football and basketball programs, the University met these allegations with force and defiance. 

They can't ignore this, however. 

Spartans' Freshman guard Brock Washington is under investigation for fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. 

Washington was first reported for sexual conduct in August by a female student. 

After months of investigating, the police sent their findings to the county prosecutor. Details of the investigation are still unknown or at least haven't been made public. 

Washington has suited up for every game for the Spartans this season. If he is charged, it could be the final straw for Izzo and Michigan State.

This is not the first time in recent months that both members of the Michigan State football and basketball team have been under investigation for sexual misconduct. Heavy sanctions may be coming.