​Lakers head coach Luke Walton is known for his laid-back style. Being that his dad, Bill Walton, is among the chillest dudes on the planet, that's no surprise.

However, Luke got pretty heated on Wednesday night.

After Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma got called for a technical foul, Walton made sure that the referee knew what he thought about the call -- getting himself ejected in the process.

​​The elder Walton was apparently disappointed in his son for losing his temper, and in response to Luke's ejection jokingly said that he had "failed as a father." 

Luke certainly must've had an interesting childhood, being raised by an NBA Hall of Famer, and he was sure to remind his dad that this wasn't his only failure as a role model.

Father Bill wasn't glad when Luke got a tattoo back in the day, and it looks like screaming your head off on television won't get dad's approval either.

Luke let Bill know that it's a long road ahead, and there will be plenty of disappointments to come. If you're a son, we're sure you can relate. Excellent response from the Lakers coach.