NEWS FLASH: Isaiah Thomas and Rajon Rondo don't like each other.

Thomas is bringing that fighting spirit to the city of Los Angeles, and he and fellow point guard ​Rondo both got ejected in the first quarter of Wednesday night's game between the Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans for their troubles.

Their beef seems personal, as Rondo publicly questioned the Celtics' choice to offer Thomas a video tribute in light of his original departure to Cleveland:

Rondo's exact words were, "What has he done?" A reporter then answered with ​Thomas leading the Celtics to the Easter Conference Finals. Rondo answered, "Oh, that's what we celebrate around here?"

The smoke was always coming with these two, and while there were no punches or over-the-top displays, it's easy to tell that these guys just don't like each other.

These two are both fiery guards who are ever-motivated by doubters, and the genuine disdain between the two makes for some great television.