​NBA All-Star weekend is almost here, and ​Darren Rovell "came up" with a cool idea that should be awesome to watch unfold. 

Rovell ​is going to bring some old basketball trading cards to open with some of the former players at the NBA's festivities to get their reactions.

What a great original idea from Rovell!

Or maybe not so original?

If you ask baseball writer Mike Oz of Yahoo! Sports, this idea sounded pretty familiar to one that he has been doing in baseball.

​​Looks like Rovell has been caught red-handed!

There's always a chance that Rovell just happened to think of this brilliant idea without any knowledge that it had already been done by Oz. 

But if that's not the case, why not just give Oz a little shout for the idea? It's not like they are competitors in the world of sports cards.

Now that he has been called out, you have to wonder if Rovell will still do the bit anyway.