Love him or hate him, you can't deny the spirit of former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, who is doing everything in his power to mount an epic comeback.

At least it appears that way to a sports culture that has painted him as the bad boy of football ever since he exploded onto the scene during his time at Texas A&M. 

Never one afraid to shy away or throw up the money signs, the expectations were too big to live up to even for college football's larger-than-life character.

When the Cleveland Browns, a struggling franchise in desperate need of a leader, drafted him in the first-round in 2014, he wound up as just another surname planted on the team's quarterback jersey of shame.

But with #ComebackSZN, as he calls it, in full effect, Johnny Football is looking to right some wrongs and get back to the fundamentals of what got him that nickname in the first place.

And why not grant him the second chance? Of course, the NFL hasn't been so kind to quarterbacks deserving of an additional opportunity as of late, but speaking specifically about Manziel, his recent behavior has promoted nothing but a positive change and growth of his character.

His effort to secure a CFL contract, his admission of suffering from bipolar disorder and abusing alcohol along with his newfound dedication to the sport are all promising steps forward.

There are plenty of teams in need of a quarterback or at least a backup piece, and although Manziel will probably have to do more and wait a little longer before getting considered for a chance to enter the league's circle, scouts and organizations should pay attention and not count him out. Although, that motivation may be just the chip he needs.