Ever since the Eagles won the Super Bowl, we've seen plenty of fans head to their favorite tattoo parlors to help them celebrate to the fullest.

After bringing home the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in history, we've seen all sorts of Eagles-themed tattoos leak onto the internet. From honoring Jason Kelce's crazy speech during the parade celebration to this girl getting Nick Foles' NSFW nickname tatted on her lip, all these fans are paying tribute to their team's victory in their own special way.

In the case of one particular football fan, however, his Philly tattoo is more about honoring a loss.

A Cowboys supporter was forced to have an Eagles helmet tattooed over his Dallas star after losing a bet with his father-in-law.

​​The Eagles' historic win definitely means something different for this fan. 

To be fair, at least the tattoo turned out nice. It could have been worse, like when this Eagles fan botched the famous "Philly Special" play. Or he could join a fellow Cowboys fan by having the​team's failure tattooed on himself forever.

At least owning up to this bet is going to earn this guy some cred with his father-in-law. Other than that, though, it sounds like a Dallas fan's worst nightmare.