​It's a second recruiting season for Rice's former left tackle Calvin Anderson. 

After not being seriously considered at most programs the first time around, the 6-5, 300 pounder has no shortage of suitors.

Most impressive about this dude has to be the head on his shoulders. When asked about his upcoming decision, he's been nothing but fantastic at dealing with the media:

​​"My biggest thing - I've had a great career at Rice and will have an excellent degree in mathematical economics - but now I'm moving toward my dream of going to the NFL. I'm in a unique spot where I have an opportunity to chase that dream. So I'm 100-percent committed to it. This next year, I want to go to a place that's going to get better and give me really good competition. I want to develop as a player to be ready for the 2019 NFL draft.

"All the schools I'm talking to are in big conferences with good opportunities for exposure. The Big 12, the SEC is huge - Auburn, the Big Ten, all these conferences are big."

He's right. We'll see who ends up winning the Calvin Anderson sweepstakes over the next couple weeks. Whichever team ends up with him is incredibly lucky.