​The King reigns supreme once more. 

LeBron and the Cavs had a rough month with Isaiah Thomas in the lineup, but now that they flipped literally half their roster for a younger and more energized set of role players, it seems like the whole team has their mojo back.

On Tuesday night, the Cavs took on the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that looks like a legitimate "semi-contender" (any team that's good but isn't the Warriors). LeBron gave them the sauce, proving that the Cavs can indeed take down some of the best on a consistent basis.

​​Yes, you're reading that stat line correctly: 37/8/8 on 14/23 from the field. Somehow, Bron had a -1 +/- but so did all the starters, and Bron was clearly the best player on the court all night. He made Melo look silly multiple times, including an awesome strip steal and a can't-miss poster.

Does LeBron not age? These two were in the same draft class. Damn.

It's clear that GM Koby Altman's moves at the trade deadline were the perfect fit for the team. Beware Eastern Conference. The Cavaliers are back, and they're back with a vengeance.