​The unquestioned GOAT of snowboarding has climbed back on his throne. 

Today, all his hard work leading up to the Olympics paid off and he threw one of the greatest runs to ever touch an Olympic half-pipe. Or any kind of halfpipe. Check it out:

​​In case you were keeping track at home, the Flying Tomato threw an absolutely absurd trick sequence: He starts the run with back to back 1440s (four spins), then hits a pretty Double McTwist into a final 1260. Just an absolutely textbook run for the legend.


Let's remember: this was Shaun White just a few years ago.

​​Just an absolute legend.

The man now has three Olympic Gold Medals in halfpipe to go along with 13 Winter X Games gold medals and two more as a skateboarder in the X Games. Undoubtedly the greatest snowboarder of our generation.

Hopefully we get to see the Flying Tomato for a long time. He's a true American icon.