Scoring while fighting off defenders is impressive, but ​Enes Kanter found out the hard way that shooting isn't always the best option. 

The Knicks center posted a photo of himself shooting against four Philadelphia defenders on Twitter, looking to show off his toughness in the paint.

​​Unfortunately for Kanter, fellow center Rudy Gobert -- a player who is ​no stranger to taking shots on Twitter -- noticed the image and decided to roast Kanter on Twitter for his display.

Kanter, who himself has been an active troll on Twitter, had a perfect response, bringing Kobe into the discussion while responding.

​​Gobert is probably right -- with entire the 76ers defenders swarming Kanter at least one of his teammates must have been open on the outside. Either way, Gobert's decision to call Kanter out on Twitter is hilarious and probably has Kanter think about shutting down his account.