​They're going to have to do a better job of defining the term "popular." 

Tom Brady may be the ​NFL's reigning MVP, but he definitely isn't the most popular guy in the world. 

Look no further than this​ year's Super Bowl for further evidence of just how much people hate Brady. 

That's why the results of this study seem pretty sketchy to me. 

The Most Popular NFL Player By State was released by the NFL today. What's left out is how they determined a player's popularity, whether it be by google search, jersey sales, or just a survey of fans. 

Look closely at the results and you'll notice one key shocker. Well, it's three, but it's for the same person. 

Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, is ranked as the most popular player in New York, Florida and Indiana. That makes absolutely no sense. 

New York Jets and New York Giants fans hate Brady. 

Indianapolis Colts fans hate Brady.  

Dolphins and Jaguars fans hate Brady. 

Yet somehow he's the most popular player in all three states? 

Perhaps they mean popular in the sense of how much attention they draw, whether positive or negative. Or maybe it's popular based on how much people actually hate them. But regardless, this is a shocker.