​Apple has decided to expand their horizons further into entertainment by creating a basketball-themed drama series-- and they've found some serious inspiration for it. Kevin Durant's experiences as a young athlete will inform the series, which will be produced by Imagine Television.

KD's time on the AAU circuit will reportedly be the basis for the story. Overall, the series is expected to cover a wide range of topics, from the players and their families to the corruption and opportunism in the world of amateur basketball.

Every American-raised NBA player in the league today has a story to tell about AAU basketball, and those experiences still carry weight. Kyrie Irving, for example, has shoes inspired by his AAU days.

The series shouldn't have trouble making drama out of high-level amateur ball. Whether it's Lavar Ball and his nonsense with his sons or LeBron James running on the court during his own son's game, AAU basketball -- and its many, many flaws -- has provided a great form of entertainment over the years. 

It will be interesting to see how Kevin Durant's experiences in AAU helped make him the NBA superstar he is today. Will you be tuning in?