​The all encompassing media company of ESPN, with it's 24/7 coverage of all things sports, elevated freshmen sensation ​Trae Young to the top of the mountain in a matter of months.

Now the methodical breaking down of Young has commenced by the same ​ESPN that raised him up, and it's costing him his chance at Player of the Year honors.

The top talents in the era of the one and done rule in college basketball are freshmen. They get elevated to incredible levels early in the season--only to almost always struggle when their teams get into the heart of conference play.

​​Young is still leading the nation in scoring and assists, but his Oklahoma Sooner team has struggled as of late. The team has lost three in a row and six out of the last eight.

Additionally, his efficiency is down and his turnovers are up. His three point shooting has gone from 41.3% to 35.9%, as well as his turnovers rising from 4.1-6.6.

However, we still all have to remember that Young's numbers are still incredible even if he's faltered of late. 

ESPN put Young in a spot that was almost impossible to sustain. They literally had a 'Trae Young tracker' during Oklahoma's games, something we rarely even see at the NBA level.

There is no 'LeBron James tracker' during Cavs games. In fact, it's an unprecedented move rivaled only by the Tiger Woods Tracker in golf.

 the freshman sensation was always going to slow down a little bit, but he absolutely still shouldn't be considered anything other than the favorite for the National Player of the Year Award.