Another powerhouse goes down.

Year after year, we see big-time college programs go down thanks to violations and misconduct. After a lengthy appeal process, Notre Dame's football program is the next to have the hammer brought down on them. 

The NCAA has reportedly denied ND's appeal after an academic misconduct case, and is forcing the university to vacate all of their wins from the 2012 and 2013 seasons. 


Don't cross the NCAA. They always win. 

Notre Dame is being punished for the actions of an athletic training student who committed academic misconduct with two football players, and provided six other players separate benefits. The university argued that they did not take part in and had no knowledge of the academic conduct, but the NCAA still did not budge. 

As you could've guessed, the president of the university was not exactly pleased. 

Due to this decision, Notre Dame will have to vacate wins from their runner-up performance led by Everett Golson as well as their nine wins the following season. 

Whether you decide to listen to the NCAA and magically forget the wins Notre Dame brought home those two seasons or not, is up to you.