​The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition has its pros and cons in the eyes of some people, but one former ESPN reporter decided to take some shots at it, which didn't sit well with one of this year's SI models -- and rightfully so.

It started when Britt McHenry, formerly of ESPN, wrote on Twitter that women shouldn't have to pose nude to feel "empowered."

It's probably not the worst thing you can say on Twitter, but it was obviously going to face some backlash from the models from SI, who took pride and were honored to do something like this. 

Paige Spiranac, a golfer and swimsuit model in this year's SI edition, fired back at McHenry with a tweet of her own. McHenry, kindly find your seat and pop a squat.

It's a good point by Spiranac. All of the swimsuit models make choices for themselves, and it really isn't anyone's right to criticize the things they choose to do with their body -- especially a reporter who now has gone full political and just complains about liberal media bias all day on social media.

McHenry had a response, but she was quickly owned again a moment later:

As we've seen plenty of times in sports before, sometimes it's just better to keep your opinion to yourself on certain topics, especially when you have no experience regarding the issue at hand.