It has been over one week since the ​Philadelphia Eagles captured their first Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl LII.​

Perhaps the most iconic play of the game was the "Philly Special," where quarterback Nick Foles hauled in a one-yard touchdown reception on fourth-and-goal in the waning seconds of the first half.

Well, hold your horses. Former NFL head of officiating and current FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira made an appearance on the Talk of Fame Network, where he said that the Eagles were lined up illegally on the play, confirming internet rumors. To go further, Pereira stated that ​the officiating crew got it wrong and should have called for illegal formation. It was so blatant, he argued, that it would've been irresponsible to ignore.

​​Regardless of if you are a New England Patriots fan or Eagles fan, Pereira broke down the rules for trick plays, and his points are all 100 percent valid. Sorry, Philly. You snuck one past several goalies here.

Sure, referees usually allow the receiver to be within one to one-and-a-half yards off the line of scrimmage. But when looking at the following photo, you can see Jeffery looks to be two yards off.

However, Jeffery did check in with the official, who deemed he was indeed close enough to the line of scrimmage. 

And Torrey Smith isn't here for your late second-guessing.

"If you can communicate that, even if you’re kind of back a little too far — which to be completely honest, that probably was an illegal formation," Smith admitted. "But he checked with the ref. So, sometimes you can hear him, sometimes you can’t. But everything about his body language was telling the ref that he was on the ball, so sometimes the ref gives you leeway. It’s their judgement. He could have been the guy that’s like, 'Hey you said you’re on the ball, but you really weren’t. So I’m going to give you the penalty.'"

 ​If Philadelphia was called for illegal formation, they would have moved back to the six-yard line. If the Eagles were flagged, it is still uncertain to tell if that would have changed the outcome of the entire game. But sorry, Torrey, if he's cheating, you have to call it.

Human error won out this time. But Mike Pereira's take nailed it.