The Internet just keeps on winning. 

Tom Brady found himself in quite a bit of hot water in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, as his new "Tom vs Time" documentary showed the world ​one incredibly weird moment between him and his son

While he was getting a massage, Brady shared a seriously uncomfortable kiss with his son, and of course, the world immediately jumped right on him for it. Now, the joke has made its way to Tinder. ​

​​Andrew, that is a guaranteed way to get yourself a date right there. 

Clearly, this dude is on to something here. Everyone knows who Brady is, and to give one lucky girl the chance to get a smooch with as much passion as Brady kissed his son? Now that's just a special moment.

There's no way for us to tell how many matches Andrew received after that one, but I think we can all guess it's an astronomical amount.