The city that never sleeps has another reason to be up in arms. That was a quiet thirty seconds.

​The New York football Giants just did the unthinkable and gave Mike Shula a job. No, we can't believe it either.

This, unsurprisingly, hasn't been received well by most of the fan base, or even around the league. 

Well, except for this one guy, who's surely a Russian bot or Dave Gettleman's burner account.

Yes, human.

Seriously, congrats to Gettleman and getting another gig and then importing the absolute worst part of his previous gig. Happy for you, dingbat.

Carolina Panthers fans, for one, know all too well the damage Shula can do to an offense.

As the Giants hope to draft and develop a QB this season, Panthers fans are chuckling in the background. If only they knew.

It doesn't matter who the Giants draft, he will play like a drunk Josh Allen.

Even the minions are laughing at you.

This hire is coming...a little late, frankly. Anyone have a time machine?

One reply was brutally honest.

There's really only one reason this isn't the end of the world for New York.

​​Yes, that's the only part of this that makes sense.