For those who are living under a rock or cannot pick up on the most obvious hints around, here's a message for you loud and clear: Von Miller wants Kirk Cousins to play for the Denver Broncos.

If the Pro Bowl linebacker has been trying to keep his feelings a secret, he's about as good of a job as some of the linemen who allow him to terrorize their quarterback on a weekly basis. Miller has wasted little time recruiting Cousins, and will go to any lengths to bring him to Mile High.

He'd even go to the end of the rainbow.

​​A fan tried to make a joke that if Cousins loved rainbows, then Miller must also. It was all for a good laugh until Miller himself hopped on Twitter and confirmed that he would definitely get behind rainbows if that pleased Cousins:

​​You people don't get it. Miller isn't taking this as a joke. He wants a quarterback more than anything so he can get back to the championship and win another Super Bowl; if rainbows are necessary in making that happen, so be it.

This is nothing new during the sack artist's pursuit of Cousins, as we've heard nothing but glowing reviews so far this offseason. When Miller was asked if he could play with any quarterback in the league, he only had one answer:

​​Cousins has already said he's flattered by Miller's pursuit, and that was before he knew about Miller's desire to enjoy a lovely rainbow-filled sky together. 

Who knows where Cousins' mind is at this point? At the very least, the rainbow connection could be the key to giving Miller and the Broncos the edge they need in free agency.