These guys know the game is over right? 

The Eagles' Super Bowl victory occurred over a week ago, and yet these two teams are still going after each other as if there is still a battle to be won. It's an interesting way of celebrating, but it's one Eagles' offensive lineman Lane Johnson has embraced. 

The post-Super Bowl back and forth began when Johnson went after the Patriots, claiming they're a fear-based organization that never has fun. As you could've guessed, New England faithful jumped to the defense of Bill Belichick and the franchise, including former Patriots legend Tedy Bruschi.

Now, think about this. After hearing that original comment by Johnson, do you think he's the kind of guy who will let this die?

No way.

Johnson took to Twitter to respond to Bruschi, calling the former Patriots' linebacker a "company man."

​​You'll never catch Johnson without something to say. Ever. 

It's hard to decipher which part about this was more predictable. Bruschi coming to the aid of the organization that employed him for the entire 13 years of his NFL career, or the fact that Johnson would call him out for being a homer. 

The Eagles' offensive tackle may be right about Bruschi being a company man, but not everyone who ever walked in that locker room was. 

Looks like one guy didn't learn about the Patriot way. 

We'll see which New England legend will come back at Johnson this time, but regardless, you know he'll be sitting there waiting to respond.