​We are now an entire week removed from the ​Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl LII victory. When watching the game, we could see ​diehard Philly fan Bradley Cooper losing his mind during the game alongside owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Now, we have proof that Silver Linings Playbook co-star Jennifer Lawrence joined in on the fun.

While on a plane from New Orleans to Los Angeles prior to the Super Bowl, the Academy Award winner took a hold of the loudspeaker, where she urged the passengers to join her in the iconic "Fly, Eagles, Fly" chant.

​​It was all in good fun, as J-Law went back to her seat after the starting the chant. But hey, its the Super Bowl! Everyone gets a little bit hyped and wants to share their excitement with everyone around them.

However, a word of advice-- don't try this on your next flight, folks. It might end in completely different fashion for you. 

Unless you also appeared in Silver Linings Playbook, of course. In that case, get on the intercom and do what feels natural.