​How the tables have turned! Well, kind of.

ACES baseball agency, which is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, is under fire once again. Remember back in 2012 when outfielders ​Melky Cabrera and Nelson Cruz as well as a number of other notable MLB names were suspended for PED use? That was ACES who was at the center of the controversy.

After that, the MLB banned Cabrera's associate and former ACES employee, Juan Carlos Nunez, from all MLB clubhouses.

Now, he's filing a lawsuit against the agency that he claims used him as a scapegoat, and boy, is it a big one.

Nunez is seeking a mammoth $2 million in unpaid commissions and $500,000 in fees and expenses after claiming the "rogue agency" was handing out cash to players​​ and directing them to people who provided performance-enhancing drugs.

The owners of the agency, Seth and Sam Levinson, are once again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

It gets worse. Kirk Radomski, who was busted for providing PEDs to players back when the Mitchell Report first came out, says that ACES was directly involved with Anthony Bosch, who was the famed "anti-aging" doctor that was thrown in jail following the Biogenesis Scandal that infamously ​tainted Alex Rodriguez's career.

Radomski also signed an affidavit claiming he provided ACES with PEDs for its players and clients.

There's a lot of shady stuff in that report provided by Heyman, and we'll just have to wait and see what the verdict is. Whatever the outcome is, this situation represents the incessant dark cloud that has been hanging over the MLB for decades.