​Kareem Hunt seemingly has a bright NFL future ahead of him, assuming he doesn't get in his own way.

That's easier said than done, and while we currently don't know the specifics, Hunt has been accused of a violent act that could get him in some trouble with the commissioner's office.

According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Hunt is accused of shoving a 19-year-old woman outside his apartment in his home town of Cleveland.

The woman has filed a police report against Hunt.

The event took place early Saturday morning, after Hunt and a group of friends went out to explore the bar scene in Cleveland. The alleged victim, Abigail Ottinger, is also accused of assaulting another woman that night. 

The women were some of many who were invited to Hunt's house after going to the bars. Once Hunt found out Ottinger was under 21, and therefore not legally permitted to drink, he allegedly responded by shoving her to the ground outside of his apartment.

The reports are currently construed as a he-said-she-said affair, and appears likely to stay that way unless there are other accounts of the incident.