​Hey Magic, you regretting this draft pick yet?

While there's no doubting Lonzo Ball's talent, the baggage that is his father is simply way too much to handle on a daily basis. The Lakers have already encouraged the ​media to stop speaking with him during and after games, and he's since been ​exiled to Lithuania as he tries to get his other two sons in the NBA.

Well, this latest quote from LaVar Ball CERTAINLY will not help that cause.

I mean, you have to give the Lakers some serious credit for facing this nonsense at the magnitude that they do, but something has to be done about this.

Lonzo won't re-sign with the Lakers if the team doesn't take LiAngelo and LaMelo? Ok, man. This guy seriously wants an NBA team to sign all of three of his sons and posits that as a realistic scenario. We're sure there's a pretty good chance the other two don't even go pro.

Add this to the list of asinine LaVar Ball quotes that will eventually sour his relationship and his sons' relationship with the NBA and any team.

But hey, we keep writing about it, so he's doing something to keep himself in the news.