​That's one way to roast a former teammate. 

The Cavaliers had quite the trade deadline, engaging in a bunch of different deals with a few teams. One of those trades sent ​Dwyane Wade back home to the Miami Heat, and another sent ​Channing Frye to the Lakers

However, that doesn't mean the two aren't still having fun with one another.

Wade mocked Frye on Twitter as he was exercising with his new team.

The NBA posted a video of Frye working out with some weights before the Lakers practiced today. The video doesn't show much of Frye other than him doing one routine lifting weights over his head, and Wade had something to say about it.

Wade has Frye all squared up even though he was in Cleveland for a very short time.

This was clearly just a good little joke on the part of Wade. He seems happy back home in Miami.

​These guys have been in the league forever, so it's no surprise to see them enjoying the silliness that comes with it.