This isn't the kind of story that Georgia or Cleveland fans wanted to read about, but you'e got to admire the young man's will to battle. 

Mohamed Massaquoi played college football at Georgia. 

He was then drafted by the​ Cleveland Browns in the second round of the 2009 ​NFL Draft. 

He recently shared a story in an emotional video about an accident last spring he was in that caused him to lose four fingers, and ultimately ended his playing career. 

​​The accident occurred while Massaquoi was riding an ATV. According to Massaquoi, he made too sharp of a turn and he lost control of the vehicle. 

After, he said "the next thing I feel is something that just feels like an explosion went off in my left hand." 

Massaquoi said he thought he had just broken his hand. 

​​Unfortunately, Massaquoi lost four of his fingers. Today, he has a prosthetic that has given him a new appreciation on life. He still has his thumb, so he still has a sense of touch. 

The hardest part for Massaquoi was that he made a living in the NFL using his hands since he was a former wide receiver. 

"This just gives you a perspective of just how precious life is, how fast things can change," he said. 

Certainly a story that people should look at and just appreciate. We with him nothing but the best in the future.