We don't think you'll hear a crazier sports story today.

Or, you know, ever.

Former two-time All-Star pitcher Esteban Loaiza was reportedly arrested this past Friday for possession of 20 kilos of heroin and cocaine, as the leaked details revealed Friday. But that's not all. According to authorities, the cocaine he possessed had a street value of approximately $500,000.

Oh yeah. He's a smuggler, and a high-level one at that.

According to TMZ Sports and details released by the Sherriff's department, Loaiza was stopped by police during a routine traffic violation, but when his car was searched, police found what they are defining as a "sophisticated aftermarket compartment used to conceal contraband."

Shortly after the discovery, a search warrant was issued to search Loaiza's home, which was just "steps away from a pre-school," where about 20 kilograms of cocaine and other drugs were found.

Steps away from a pre-school!!! Come on.

The former MLB pitcher is now brought up on three felony charges including Possession of Cocaine Over 20 Kilograms, Possession of Cocaine for Sale, and Transportation of Cocaine.

To say this is a shock for one of Mexico's greatest pitchers, who has an MLB record of 126-114 in 14 seasons is a complete understatement

His court date is scheduled for Wednesday, February 13. And we can't imagine things getting wilder than they are now.