​It can be so damn frustrating when you're trying to get a handle on a new controller and you just can't get a shot off.

Sometimes you've got to hold the button down, then release. Sometimes it's just a tap. And sometimes, you just end up jerking your guy's body up and down forever, and the digital ball just stays in your goddamn hands.

Apparently, this can happen in real life, too. Jeff Teague went off like a ​2K glitch Friday night, and not in a good way.

​​What the hell? Of course, Jimmy Buckets tried to ​one up his teammate Sunday night, but this move still takes the cake.

Haven't seen a point guard this frozen in a while. Why so indecisive, man? Too scared to take a wide open jumper against the teeth of the fearsome (checks notes)...Bulls defense?

Maybe he just didn't want to get torn apart by Thibs for a quick trigger. Good call then, Jeff. This was definitely a better option.