​It's been a Sunday of celebrations for the Colts. 

After Josh McDaniels left them at the altar earlier this week by deciding to stay with the Patriots, the Colts have wasted nearly zero time in finding their new head coach: Frank Reich. 

Quick call, and seems like a home run hire. And in announcing the former Eagles offensive coordinator as their next head coach, the Colts decided to throw some hilarious shade at McDaniels in the process. 

Yup, it's real. It's all too real.

As most know by now, McDaniels was all set to take over as the head coach in Indianapolis, with the team even taking to Twitter to announce his hire.

However, McDaniels never officially signed a contract, meaning the deal wasn't done and he could still change his mind at the last minute. And...well, he did.

So, even when Indy announced the new deal with Reich, it was understandable to see some fans harboring doubts. No problem: the Colts have you covered.

Reich, Irsay, and the Sunday paper. Anyone still doubting?

The Colts' social media team has been on fire today, and it's done nothing but add to the excitement about the new hire. 

As for McDaniels, he probably had to see a move like this coming. He'll be lucky if this is the last time he's trolled by the Colts or their fans, but I wouldn't count on it.