​Well, things in Cleveland just got awkward in a hurry. 

After a 2017 season that saw Cleveland Indians second-baseman ​Jason Kipnis miss half the season and then play centerfield in the postseason, it seems as though Kipnis' role may be shrinking. 

Kipnis' offensive production has been on the downslope since his All-Star season in 2015. Since the Indians tough exit from the postseason at the hands of the New York Yankees, the front office hasn't been to specific with the former All-Star's future in Cleveland. 

Yeesh, just say "no" Mike. It will save a lot of problems for everyone. 

Kipnis is set to become a free agent in 2021. At that point in his career, he would be 33 years old and start to become more of a liability than an asset. 

The Indians have taken note of this and have been open to trading him, they just ​haven't found the perfect deal

There is a chance that Kipnis starts 2018 in the outfield in case Michael Brantley is not healthy by the start of the year. 

Either way, Chernoff really needs more practice with this whole interviewing thing.