Hines Ward has had his fair share of hard hits on defensive players in his long career, but few were as hard as this hit on Ed Reed on Monday Night Football as the Pittsburgh Steelers routed the Ravens back in 2010. 

Hines has stated publicly many times that he always admired Ed Reed as a player and the hit wasn't anything personal. Many people and sports analysts consider Hines Ward to be the hardest hitting WR blocker of all time. You can see just how devastating he was in the video clip above.

Hines was also responsible for creating a new rule. After Hines Ward broke Bengals' Keith Rivers' jaw with a nasty blindside block in 2009, the NFL implemented something called "The Hines Ward Rule", outlawing high blindside hits. Hines Ward never abided, but he thought it was pretty cute when he heard about it from the front office.