6 Contenders That Should Offer Jake Arrieta an Enormous Short-Term Contract

There hasn't been much traction for free agent starter Jake Arrieta, especially when it comes to his intention of getting a long-term deal. Pitchers and catchers report next week, and while it's hard to imagine him not getting signed, it's important for pitchers to get in camp and prepare for the season as soon as possible.

Instead of holding out for that six- or seven-year deal, Arrieta should seriously consider settling for a short-term deal but at a very high average annual salary .

If that's an option he'll weigh, here are six contenders that should offer Arrieta an enormous short-term contract.

6. New York Yankees

The Yankees seem like a very obvious choice, but it would be difficult to maneuver. New York is still out there looking for another starter, but for them to sign Arrieta to a huge short-term deal, they'll have to make additional moves to clear payroll so they can remain under the luxury tax threshold.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers

Just like the Yankees, the Dodgers would have to clear some payroll to sign him to a high annual salary on a short-term deal. But there isn't anyone better to replace Yu Darvish on the free agent market than Arrieta, and talk about an absurd 1-2 combo with Kershaw and Arrieta!

4. Chicago Cubs

With no mega deal on the table from any other team, why not go back to the team you had great success with? The Cubs are in on Darvish and they've already signed a lesser starter in Tyler Chatwood to address the rotation. However, a lot of teams are in on Darvish and it might take a lesser long-term commitment to bring Arrieta back to Chi-town. It makes too much sense, and Chicago has already made an offer to the former Cy Young Award winner.

3. Washington Nationals

The fact of the matter is, the Washington Nationals' window to win is coming to an end very shortly. The 2018 season may be one of the last times in the near future they are one of the favorites in the National League, and they should do everything they can to put their best foot forward this year. If Arrieta is willing to sign a shorter-term deal for more money, the Nationals should be all over it and complete what would be a super-rotation.

2. Minnesota Twins

The Twins were in need of starter to begin with, and now they are in desperate need of one after the news that Ervin Santana needs surgery that will force him to miss several months. Minnesota won a Wild Card spot last season and could truly compete with the Indians for the division if they strengthen their rotation, specifically someone of Arrieta's caliber. I realize they are a small market team, but we are talking about a short-term deal they should be able to fit on their books.

1. Milwaukee Brewers

Okay, Milwaukee. Your window to win just opened and it's time to put the finishing touches on a team that could compete for a division title if addressed. The offense and defense is stout, especially with the additions of Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain. Now it's time to bring in a frontline starter, and the perfect fit would be Jake Arrieta, whether it be a mega deal or a short-term deal with a high average annual salary.