Even before yesterday's NBA trade deadline, you weren't alone if you assumed that LeBron James really runs the Cleveland Cavaliers. But after half the roster was overhauled in a whirlwind of transactions Thursday, it's quite possible that "GM LeBron" is as powerful as ever.

​Right on cue, Hawks fans took it right to King James' teammates tonight in Atlanta:

​​Don't forget to make that extra pass, Tristan! Quit cranking mid-range jays, Jeff! You could be the next one to get the boot, ​just like Isaiah Thomas and Dwyane Wade. Or better yet, you could be the guy that makes LBJ feel like he just can't do it anymore and forces him to bolt to Los Angeles in free agency.

Is this kind of trolling fair? No, it's really not.

Should NBA fans be surprised be at all surprised by it? 

Also no.