​The Boston Celtics didn't make any moves before the trade deadline, and on Thursday night they reminded us why.

This team is built for the foreseeable future, which will frighten the NBA for years to come. While the Cavs bolstered their roster by tearing it down and adding some better names, the Celtics are a cohesive unit and are atop the East.

Second-year stud Jaylen Brown helped remind the world of that on Thursday night by taking matters into his own hands against the Wizards.

In your eye!

Man, if Jaylen Brown is starting to do stuff like this halfway through his second season, then the Celtics are going to be in tremendous shape. With moves like that, and once Gordon Hayward returns, all five of their starters will be able to create their own shots and get buckets.

The Celtics beat the Wizards 110-104 in overtime, and Brown's shot sealed the W.