​A quick timeline: 

One of the MLB's most respected insiders, Jon Heyman, wrote a roundup of some news on all the teams across the MLB. 

In his Toronto Blue Jays portion of the notes, he wrote about ​Josh Donaldson (who's set to be a free agent after the 2018 season), saying: 

"Donaldson is believed to be seeking a monster payday, according to friends, and while he may not hit his goal (some think he may be shooting too high), he benefits from Manny Machado’s move to shortstop since he’d become the top third base option if Machado stays at shortstop as a free agent."

So, ​Donaldson took to Twitter to clear things up about the notion that he's looking for a big payday. 

​​To sum it up, Donaldson pretty much told Heyman he doesn't know anything about him, and to check his sources. 

Heyman then responded. 

​​Heyman didn't seem to have much of a comeback, and while he may not have directly admitted it, he pretty much said he was wrong. 

This is something that must have caught Heyman off guard. Rarely do you see players commenting on particular articles written about them. 

While many players say they "don't read the papers," it looks like Donaldson does.