​Kirk Cousins is in quite the comfortable place right now. He wiggled his way out of the franchise tag of the Washington Redskins when they ​traded for Alex Smith, but he is still technically on the team...for now.

The Redskins, as well as the Denver Broncos and several other teams in need of a quarterback, were expected​ to bid for Cousins' services this offseason. 

Now that the Redskins are seemingly out of the race for Cousins, and ​Jimmy Garoppolo just got PAID with a capital $$, Kirk is in a better position than ever to get even more money than Jimmy G. 

There are enough teams in the NFL that are in need of a sufficient quarterback that Cousins will be making more than the type of cheese that Matt Stafford is getting a $27 million a year. 

The great thing about giving Cousins so much money is that he is the type of player to not let it affect his work ethic, leadership, or playing style. 

Kirk will still be that same, gunslinging quarterback with Super Bowl potential, he'll just be a lot richer.