Name us a more exciting trade deadline period in any sport that exceeds what we all just witnessed on Thursday. Go ahead, we'll wait.

It's impossible, just because it's hard to remember a playoff-caliber team literally rebuilding itself and half of its roster midseason. It's just unheard of. Yet, here we are, with the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers (31-22) literally undoing everything they did in the offseason almost as simple as uttering the words "Eh, let's just try again, no big deal."

The list is overwhelming, and it all starts with Isaiah Thomas, who was supposed to be the immediate successor to Kyrie Irving once the Boston deal was finalized in the summer.

Who would have imagined about a half year later we would be at this crossroad? 

But with only 14 games started at this point in the season and a complete inability to establish any chemistry with the King, IT found himself packing with Channing Frye to Los Angeles, where the Cavs were able to sure up their frontcourt and backcourt in one quick shot.

They weren't done there. Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert and the future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade were all sent away, and the return was again overwhelming as expected.

 Add in the Heats' protected second-round pick and the Cavs front office went all-in. The most incredible aspect is that the franchise didn't just make moves to attempt to bring itself back to the top of the East this year, but they also invested highly into the future.

It's clear the Cavs are expecting James to stick around for a long time, all while convincing him that they will do everything possible to put the right pieces around him no matter what the cost.

Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman set the league on fire and the fans should start relearning the roster—but only after tonight when it's all said and done. The team may just not be done making splashes yet.